This is me… as you can see a very mature for my age 30 year old! I like to ensure that even though I age I do not grow old. I try to see the positive in every day and be thankful that each morning when I wake up its a fresh start. I love to have fun but I also like to work hard… It’s all about a bit of balance.

I graduated at 21 from Brighton University and fell into a job at an oil company (ADM) based in Erith, where I worked from Customer Service Representative to Account Manager.

In 2011 by chance I went to Thorpe Park on the May bank holiday weekend with my sister (Hannah) and our friend Sophie. By chance we were the last to sneak into an FMX show where I saw Jamie perform. Looked pretty good and I thought my Dad would like to go and see a show – but he worked all over the place at the time for F1. So I dropped Jamie Squibb a message to get some show dates and long story short 5 (nearly 6 years later) I now live with him in Devon following him where I can at weekends to his many shows over the UK and the world.

I now work at a print company as a Business Development Manager & at weekends and evenings I like to live life as much as possible! Here’s what I get up to…