#sobersugarfreesister day 2

So on to day 2… and think I need to explain a little more about why I am going sugar free. I have PCOS and I have always struggled with my weight but never to the point where I hit self loathing – I was always one of these people that just got on with it. You get one body – why hate it? You don’t get to swap or pick and choose you just have to go with what you get! I am at a point now where it’s beginning to make me sad. I hate everything I wear, I hate how I feel in everything I wear. I don’t want to wear nice clothes because they show my lumps and bumps (even if others cant see them I know they’re there).

I also have recently turned 30 and am well aware of the excuses that now I am 30 my body wont be as easy to transform from when I was 20… yeah that may be the case but also at 20 I could party for 3 days straight and not have a hang over – now one evening induces near death experiences so I have cut back – so now I must do the same with my food! I am cutting out sugar… and alcohol… I am joining my friends in becoming #sobersisters (mainly because they’re pregnant and cant drink) but if they can have fun without it I must be able to!!!

Day 1 food consisted of: Chorizo fritatta (amazing from Davina 5 weeks sugar free) & Savse super green (aware this has some sugar in but only natural sugars from the veggies I am assured).

Lunch: Chicken noodle soup & then after I got home from work late – annoyingly I didnt have time to cook the shepherd’s pie as promised so I winged with with chicken and wholewheat pasta adapted from Davina’s 5 weeks sugar free with goats cheese spinach and roasted tomatoes. It was lush! and I have the same again for dinner tonight… currently suffering with Sciatica (boo!) so tried out Charlotte’s 3 minute belly blitz – only to make it to round 3 but it was tough! Even though I usually partake in crossfit around 5 times a week – I struggled with this DVD!!! Shocking!!! Excited to see what day 3 brings – the headaches havent been as bad today but I did have 2 small cups of coffee instead of the usual one!!!

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