This sugar loving alcohol drinking monster – is going sugar freeeeee…

So this weekend following the bank holiday in the UK I have decided I am going to go sugar free and abstain from alcohol as much as possible. Feeling sluggish and the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life I was talking to a friend that suggested going sugar free…. well this bank holiday weekend was my last indulgence (and indulge I did). I then spent Monday afternoon batch cooking from Davina’s 5 weeks to sugar free book.

I then had a BBQ with my boyfriend before he headed off for the week for work, I said to him I need your help to keep on track and away from sugar and alcohol and this is the last of the wine in the house – of which he proceeded to kick over and I didn’t even get to drink a drop – so I guess that’s helping!!

I cooked up a chorizo fritata for breakfast – as I am working full time I need to have food I can grab from the fridge as I am a lazy eater, eating whatever is available. I have to say it was a winner and its now chopped up into 4 slices to keep me going for the weeks breakfasts. If I decide not to have this I have the back up of wholewheat bagels and avocado and bacon to go with.

For lunch again batch cooked the chicken noodle soup from the same recipe book – again delicious although hard to gauge the portion sizes as everything is a “serves 4 or 6” and there’s just me… we all know serves 4-6 means two people right?

Tonight for dinner I am going to cook up the Shepherd’s pie and then I can have this ready for dinner throughout the rest of the week after heading to the gym. If I cant go to the gym I am opting for the Charlotte Crosby DVD – so back to the old school! I want to incorporate a mix of Fitness First Sessions, Crossfit Exe sessions and DVD for when I cant make it/dont fancy it! So we shall see how long I can survive for or until I end up losing it giving into sugar or killing someone! (ps. Free Sweets arrived at work today – gave them out then put them in the cupboard for when I reach desperate measures but heres hoping to stick to the plan!) any tips welcome – the headaches are already here!!!! As my friends know I love to party/socialise and eating is a huge pleasure so these next few weeks are going to be tough!

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