My first blog – SAVE THE PLANET!

So inspired bya friend (Jessica Renz) &  #jessicaswaronplastic a one woman mission to reduce, reuse and recycle, Jess has asked me to write a little post as this is something I support too.

Trying to save our planet one person at a time… I have done a bit of research/changed my habits and continue to try to shop more consciously. Not only to help the planet but to also reduce the amount I consume and reduce the chemical intake on my body (maybe as I’m aging and worrying more – one more wrinkle one grey hair at a time). Women in particular put an average of around 168 chemicals on their bodies daily (using around twice as many personal care products than men). In an attempt to get people to think a little more about what they purchase/put on their bodies Jess and a number of other friends of ours have switched to LUSH cosmetics – one because they’re amazing! And two because they contain less harmful chemicals and have great environmental policies & are against animal testing. Another that I have looked into is chemicals and produce around the home. One brand that I have now switched to is METHOD.

They are against animal testing, they do not use any animal by products and use innovations like plant based fabric softeners. They are environmentally conscious and are trying to prevent unnecessary carbon emissions & are keen to use renewable energies where possible. They are working to reduce the use of non-renewable materials like petroleum across their product lines and their cleaning bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and laundry bottles from 50% recycled plastic.

The initial product purchase may be a little more than you would normally pay – in Sainsbury’s yesterday I picked up Method Washing up Liquid for £3 vs Fairy on offer for £1… However, once you have the initial packaging they offer refill packets. These refill pouches offer 78-82% water, energy and plastic savings vs a new bottle every time. And a washing up refill for the price of £4.50 will give you two top ups of your existing plastic container (paying £1.25 more than you would normally to expose yourself and the environment to less chemicals).

Even if we can make one person think a little more about what they are buying/how they buy their cleaning products that would be amazing – reduce your plastic consumption but also think a little more about the chemicals you are bringing into your home and also washing down the sink into your drinking water supply  For those who also like to have funky items around the house (as I do) they often collaborate with designers and you can currently buy Johanna Basford collection online! I love it!!!!! (But remember to refill it not re buy it!) #reduce #reuse #recycle #jessicaswaronplastic #lovetheplanet #methodUK #notoplastic #refill #happyplanet

you can purchase their amazing products here:

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